Many will consider these lofty commitments as naïve and even out-of-touch with the realities of the market and the construction site.

This could not be further from the truth.

Off-grid energy delivery systems, localized energy storage platforms, information technologies that merge hand-held devices and the automobile, as well as the building industry in the aggregate, will soon merge into one interconnected commercial sector that will not be dominated by any of the alpha market makers that we have today. 

it's a brave new world,  join it. 

We believe that everyone should enjoy life, happiness, success and art while still treating our planet and its citizens with respect.

If we develop, others will follow.

Philip H. Bay, Founder

CEC will only create or participate in development projects, large and small, that have neighborhood or community-based   power generation    capabilities, or the potential to convert to local sources, as soon as the platform is viable;

Our company will strive to only develop and build structures that have a net zero carbon footprint by the end of this decade;

In the interim period from now until the end of the decade, CEC will focus on building material solutions and energy conservation, usage and diversity that  will foster and guarantee the aforementioned commitments.

To make this happen, all stakeholders in the process – developer, contractors, suppliers, occupiers, buyers and energy providers – must become engaged in an early dialog and benefit from the execution of these seemingly complicated and often forecast-based decisions.

our philosophy   لدينا فلسفة 我們的理念 Наша философия

Our mission      مهمتنا 我們的使命 Наша миссия


As an emerging value-driven development company, our primary goal is to change the way real estate projects are designed, executed and understood by residents, occupiers, investors and the surrounding community. Our secondary goal is embedded in every stakeholder at Clear Earth Capital, the fundamental knowledge that the real estate business negatively affects our shared carbon footprint more than any other single industry on the planet.

Yet, our ultimate and final goal is to change the world tomorrow for the next generation that is dependent on our decisions made today.